The goal was simple, the project massive—reinforce Xenith’s position as the outright leader in delivering design and safety for the game of football. Soldier took the initiative from project inception through communication phases and launch, An integrated campaign of product design and messaging cemented Xenith as innovators of transformative helmet technology.

Brand Operating System

In an environment where defending against head trauma was of crucial concern in and out of the game, Xenith established themselves as innovators. Larger players assimilated the technological advancements that Xenith pioneered. In an effort to again outpace the competition, Xenith enrolled Soldier at the outset of a major reengineering project. Soldier was instrumental in influencing and communicating breakout technology that is unprecedented in the game. We forged the EPIC design platform to communicate Xenith’s transformative helmet technology through product and messaging. Technological advancement was hammered home through product and Key design insights and innovations were articulated through the EPIC naming architecture—engage, protect, ignite, cool. Epic became the logic to our operating system, influencing shape creation, coloring and badging to highlight visible technology on the helmet and extend into every facet of the launch.

"Salient strategy, ingenious naming, epic visuals and a booming broadcast commercial making Xenith an official supplier of helmets to the NFL." – Jack Seitz, Vice President, Marketing & Brand Development at Xenith


The future is now; an aggressive, hyper-technical, sci-fi vibe permeates through photography. The transformative helmet technology plays the hero and is backed up by Ray Rice in a committed stance. We hone in on the details that differentiate the helmet from all others, providing precise and relatable insight into disruptive technology in a critical moment.

Set Design

From beehive construction to the crating designed to allow tanks to be dropped from helicopters, the hexagon is a symbol of strength and the building block for our operating system. The replication of the hexagon in repeating patterns on the set reinforce the key design elements of the helmet, the visual language for communicating the technology, and the EPIC logo.

Helmet Technology

Complex technological innovations are distilled into key benefits for the athlete. EPIC is a singular statement of superiority, plus a precise acronym. Engage with an orbital cinch strap. Protect with a DFLX compression liner. Ignite (meaning stay focused and aggressive) with interface comfort padding. Cool with in-vent exhaust. Beyond communications, Soldier made the technology visible through shape creation and coloring on the helmet.