Soldier Design unleashes a groundbreaking cinematic retail experience for Under Armour. Our concept to delivery production delivers crystal-clear storytelling for Under Armour’s gender-specific approaches to superior technological performance. Evolved brand look and feel fuses technological sophistication and the grit of the athlete training experience to cut through the distraction of high-end retail experiences. Men’s and Women’s lines converge as a dramatic brand statement through a unified visual approach.

Technology + Attitude — Men’s Product Superiority

Capturing and holding attention in multi-sensory retail environments is a big ask. Soldier responded by fundamentally rethinking and reinvigorating brand look and feel in the video medium. Men’s product superiority is pulled forward. Future-forward holographic displays draw focus to Under Armour’s performance benefits while unexpected urban training environments root the production approach in the soul and grit of the Under Armour experience. Technology call-outs are instantly translated to real-world benefit through the inclusion of Under Armour’s unrivaled athlete team.

Unprecedented production values for the Under Armour retail experience allowing fast focus on optimal product and conversion through athlete validation.

Female Athlete Focus + Cohesiveness — Women’s Product Superiority

Gone are the days of “shrink and pink.” Women athletes are performing at an exceptionally high level and demand parity in product and communication. Their performance needs are distinct from men’s and require lazer-focused insight and design. Soldier pinpoints the women’s-specific design attributes and elevates the women’s product lines to their proper position in tandem in the retail environment.

Exceptional design meeting the needs of the most demanding female athletes, plus brand cohesion to tear down the barriers between Men’s and Women’s performance.