Founded in 1996 by former University of Maryland football player Kevin Plank, Under Armour was born on the football field. As the originator of next-to-skin performance apparel for the gridiron, Under Armour has earned unassailable credibility with athletes. But to break through as an official uniform provider for the game, Under Armour would have to differentiate themselves from entrenched and powerful competitors. Soldier stepped in to collaborate on the category entry. Our vision was clear. Innovation and performance are powerful leverage, but players and fans would champion the launch if we positioned Under Armour uniforms as a potent competitive advantage. We set out to design the outcome on game day through intense artful expression.


Embody Team Pride to Excel: Grounding our strategic insights in qualitative research, Soldier developed a powerful campaign strategy that adrenalized look and feel, tone, messaging, and photography for multiple digital, social, and traditional advertising executions.

We spotlighted hyper-considered design details, progressive style, and innovative materialization. Then we amplified campaign impact with “in-your-face” expressions of athlete pride, preparedness, confidence, and explosive energy.

"Soldier helped bring our “ARMOURED” College Football campaign to life. They brought a great sense of creativity and collaboration to the project and were a pleasure to work with." – Stephen Perkins, Senior Category Manager Football at Under Armour


Soldier brought together a select group of opinion-leaders drawn from Division 1 Class A high school football teams. Our unique ability to integrate ourselves in tight endemic communities results in unvarnished, honest, impactful audience insights. Soldier ensures victory as Under Armour makes an all-out assault on the status quo with their launch of the most innovative uniforms in the game of football.


Flags originated as a means to assist military coordination on battlefields. On Saturdays, every QB, lineman, and skills player steps onto the football field wearing his uniform as his flag—his state, his school, his colors. Pride and intimidation delivered by the uniform became a powerful communication modality to command attention, deliver uniform art and product features, and solicit fan involvement.


Soldier worked with Under Armour to stage a seven phase social impact plan for the Armored campaign. Audience engagement grew through teaser, reveal, pregame and game day phases. Online chatter, sharing, and increased Facebook impressions led to unprecedented drive-through to underarmour.com.


Soldier designed a digital experience embedded within underarmour.com that served as the hub for Armoured campaign activation. A countdown pushed through social channels drew players and fans to the site for a weekly uniform reveal. There they received technical product information, fan-gear offerings, and robust social interaction capabilities.


From traditional to totally unconventional, Armoured advertising paved the way for Under Armour’s uniform launch. Raw hand painted environments inspired by street art served as a fan-focused backdrop allowing uniforms and athlete swagger to take center stage. Advertising is tightly aligned to strategy while breathing with the energy of team and fan convergence on game day.


The Armoured attitude is brought to life through episodic video content. Team uniforms are revealed after we pound the drums with culturally-relevant social buildup. Videos key in on technical and design sophistication and the kinetic energy of the Armoured athlete. Our marquis episode features groundbreaking design from Under Armour—hand painted and individually numbered Maryland Pride football helmets.


Our goal was ambitious—establish Under Armour as the most innovative official uniform supplier in the game. Impressions, buzz, engagement and conversion were key metrics for success and the results have been powerful. Our launch of the Maryland Pride uniform generated over 45 million media impressions. The Armoured campaign increased Under Armour favorable impressions by 300%, generated a 30% increase in audience engagement over the prior year, and—crucially—saw a significant increase in related product sales on underarmour.com. Sustained campaign momentum continues to fuel the growth of Under Armour in the football category.