Soldier designs some choice outerwear pieces for Special Blend including the Blow Jacket from the 100 Proof Collection. Soldier's creation of these top tier pieces for SB influenced a halo effect of benefits for the entire collection representing top shelf quality and "First Chair, Last Call" promise. The 100 Proof Collection is founded on distinct looks, opinion leading style, and tailored specifically for snowboarding.

Soldier uses a structured method for brand storytelling called Brandseeking™ to elevate the brand experience and the journey of the consumer, essentially defining the spirit of the brand that defines why a product, service, and brand matters. Soldier worked simultaneously to audit and realign three brands: Forum, Special Blend and Foursquare. We rallied a cross-functional council of key brand members including original brand founder Peter Line and team rider Pat Moore. Together, we assimilated a brand plan with senior management approval from the unified perspective of product, sales, and marketing. Achieved, at the end of the session, was the collective goal of building a common vision and direction for all three brands in unison, regardless of history, while being very optimistic for the future.