Talking full advantage of Soldier's product creation and communication capabilities, we worked with the Burton product development team for two seasons to design a host of tip-of-spear helmet designs in both men's and women's categories. Discouraging the notion of superfluous design treatments or veneering Soldier created a strategy and execution plan focused on subtle design details in ID and product branding.

RED Helmet & Packaging Design

We avoided the overly expressive, including the intentional reduction in model name art. This was all as a response to rider insights of "less is more" on the head in many ways. The minimal design language decisions scaled across product hangtags and packaging, capitalizing on the color Red as a powerful brand driver in ways that had not been true in years past.

RED Tradeshow Booth Design

The gathering party to many brand campaigns is at tradeshows where new product, technology, and marketing communication, in never seen before fashion, comes together in a real space with real people who have country-wide buying power. Immerse, enlighten, and educate is often the clearest path to purchase in such a setting. Soldier created a space continuing to riff off the "Ride Forever" modalities. Symbolic for protection itself, we built the vastly sustainable project around a shipping container, surrounded by reclaimed timber and the essence of mountain side nature. Jake Burton himself said when inside "this feels really good."

RED Protection Ad Campaign

Shawn White and Hanna Teeter may be stand out and widely known olympic gold medalists, but they are also a part of the larger Burton snowboard team with rockstar talent talent such as Danny Davis, Kevin Pearce, Mason Aguirre, and Peetu Piironinen to name a few. As the first snowboard specific helmet emerged, Burton called it RED. It's success was largely dependent on the game changing riders who wore it. Celebrating less of the helmet itself, but more of the riders decision to wear it. As a part of an 18 month rebranding strategy coined "Ride Forever," Soldier delivered ad creative to global markets in printed, digital, and physical ways.

RED Print Collateral

Communicating the "Ride Forever" campaign direction took many forms. However, print remained a powerful tool in both B2B and B2C communications. Soldier communicated the "Ride Forever" promise through smart design, information architecture, art direction, and photography. The meticulous execution of ink, paper, and finish was behind the impactful brand collateral and brand storytelling. Dealer and consumer catalogs delivered brand ethos, team message, product technology, fit, and design inspiration.


Creating an epic environment was the assignment. Soldier embraced the challenge with an over-arching innovation message known as "co-developed" to represent their process and culture of collaboration. We articulated the pop message with two intersecting forms to drive meaning in an artful, modern, and integrated way. Whereas a more organic and humanized approach to consumer interfaces became the experience at a tactical display level.