Paul Rabil stands at the pinnacle of his sport. Soldier enlisted Rabil to Warrior Lacrosse, forging a relationship between the most dominant lacrosse player and the most athlete-focused lacrosse brand. Through deep engagement with Soldier, Warrior Lacrosse elevated Rabil to icon status and leveraged his prominence to launch elite product to the most driven lacrosse players coming up in the sport.

Identity System

Deep strategic engagement with Paul and Warrior informed every step of the creative process. Our Brandseeking® Action Intent Guide provide core insights into the Rabil ethos and the Warrior drive to deliver inspired, elite product for serious athletes. Logo explorations brought to life key values, vigor, and individualism that makes Paul the representative of lacrosse at the highest level.

"Surrounding myself with the best is something I try to do. Soldier helped me and the Warrior team to craft a strategy and powerful aesthetic for the Rabil brand for Warrior underscoring one message 'premium lacrosse performance'. The Soldier team gets it!" – Paul Rabil, Professional Lacrosse Player

Brand Standards

Soldier developed a precise tactical plan to integrate Rabil into the Warrior brand. Care was taken to reinforce existing brand equity, inject the power of the athlete and amplify perception of maximum performance on product and in digital, print, and event marketing. Soldier road-­mapped logo placement on product and extended the realm of Rabil into supporting apparel that reinforces the lacrosse lifestyle.


During the creation of the Rabil mark, Soldier had a vision of the experience people would have with it as a mark of quality as well as art. We created the mark to be a pattern and premium insignia, so the New Balance product development teams would have maximum usability in creating dynamic Rabil product.