Under Armour creates technical and performance apparel for a wide range of activities serving distinct and discerning subcultures. Soldier was enlisted to deliver differentiated retail environments that engage a range of Under Armour consumers, united by passion for their sports. Our operating systems solve for unique challenges. Under Armour both requires a unified design language, but needs to be relatable and resonant to diverse audiences. Soldier brings precisely calibrated solutions that maintain cohesive brand equity and embedded cultural insight to retail.

Hunt and Fish

Hunting or fishing, apparel can make the difference between success and failure. Soldier helped Under Armour become the benchmark apparel manufacturer for big game hunting and fishing with an innovative and aggressive look and feel. We carried that through to retail with a design language that aligns the technical performance attributes of Under Armour, with the grit and natural elements of contemporary hunting and fishing experiences.


On the golf course, Under Armour represents disruptive technical superiority. But golf is also about tradition. Soldier seamlessly integrated the competing elements of innovation and tradition in a way that is uniquely ownable by Under Armour. Precision and aggression on the course is communicated through geometric form, color, and course-mapping, while polished wood evokes the heritage and quality of the country club experience.

Team Sports

Playing team sports is to embrace a lifestyle defined by ritual. Soldier embraced the total ecosystem of sport when imagining the Under Armour Team Sports environments. Design elements reference the locker room where preparation happens via locker and bench details, the gym where training occurs via extruded metal and rubber, and the turf where championships are won via turf elements and bright halogen lighting.