Hard-­driving commercial fishing captain Sig Hansen emerged as one of the stars of The Discovery Channel's seven­time Emmy winning series Deadliest Catch after Soldier built a resilient brand around his core crab ­fishing business and helped him grow into multiple new categories.

Brand Identity

Sig and the crew of the Northwestern needed to differentiate themselves from a cast of elite commercial fishermen and develop a deeper relationship with audiences of Deadliest Catch. They asked Soldier to create the conditions for deep audience engagement and extension beyond the confines of the show. Soldier created a broad and adaptable visual language grounded in the honest and aspirational values and character found on Sig Hansen's ship, the Northwestern. Mark, logotype, and color palette reference the sea and the multigenerational Hansen family history upon it, while injecting some of the swagger and showmanship that make Sig and crew so charismatic. Soldier systematically solved the precise challenges of the identity system, from consideration of readability and impact when the Northwestern is out to sea and on camera, to potential for future category extensions and collaborations.

"The Soldier team created a badass brand platform that helped us grow our brand. But what do we know? We’re just fishermen." – Sig Hansen, Captain on FV Northwestern

Identity Application

Bold and considered applications of the identity to the ship immediately improved recall and affinity as audiences began rallying around the crew and stories of the Northwestern.

Scalable Visual Language

The mark was engineered to communicate performance and family heritage over time. It speaks directly to Sig's perception that on the Northwestern they are kings of the sea.

Brand Identity Extension

The success of Soldier's brand identity for the Northwestern opened doors for the Hansen family. The iconic brand presence helped Sig and crew find breakout success on the show and created opportunities for a line of products and collaborations leveraging the strength of the Northwestern brand.

Cinema and Gaming

Soldier’s iconic branding of the Northwestern translated to broad cultural impact. Disney Pixar utilized it for Cars 2 and it’s the key visual for the X-Box game based on Deadliest Catch.

Keeping it Local

As a Pacific Northwest business with global appeal, Northwestern found an opportunity to align with Oregon-­based Rogue Ales. Soldier’s identity system translated to arresting packaging for the award-­winning brewery.