Named one of “America’s Coolest College Start-­Ups” by Inc. Magazine, Ministry of Supply is the brainchild of a handful of MIT ­alumni. Ministry brings space­-age materials to business wear. Soldier created a narrative and identity around a highly technical and smartly tailored product offering.

Digital Strategy

Given the NASA­-derived fabrics in the clothing, we needed an innovative digital experience to match. We worked with Ministry to rethink the entire e-­comm experience and deliver a surprising and intuitive user experience with a robust back end. The Ministry of Supply site is responsive, elegant, simple, and deceptively sophisticated—just like the clothing.

Design Language and Photography

The exacting approach with which the founders created their technical garments inspired Soldier to take a precise and engineered approach to design and photography. This includes the crafting of the MOS Shield logo, designed to scale across mediums, as well as an effortlessly clear displays of information and data points, and austere photography evoking intended use.