There are a few athletes in Boston that are universally loved. Dustin Pedroia is definitely one of those guys. Soldier aided New Balance as they helped propel the Dustin mystique into the stratosphere through logo design and application, to signature footwear with instant classic apparel.

Logo Refresh

Dustin Pedroia’s success is due to his dedication to all facets of the game. In a compact package he’s an offensive juggernaut and Gold Glover at second base. He is called the spark plug to the team. When Soldier approached the logo for Dustin, we looked to embody his energy and dynamism. The compact, intertwined, electric treatment of his initials represent the way Dustin plays the game.

"When it comes to the convergence of sport, technology, personality and style – Soldier gets it!"– Mark Cavanaugh, GM of Sport Marketing and Team Sports at New Balance

Logo Application

Pedroia has an attitude that’s unconventional. His signature footwear is no different. Soldier made sure that his New Balance 4040v2 cleats made a statement that was true to Pedroia’s game.

T-Shirt Collection

Soldier executed a series of t-­shirts extending from logo-­t's into the terrain of cultural sensation. An offhand comment given during a press conference became a galvanizing moment in the city of Boston. When Dustin uttered the words “lazer show”, he was instigating a rallying cry. Soldier followed up with rabidly popular New Balance Lazer Show t-­shirts cementing the nickname.