Crocs came to Soldier with the desire to build a brand concept that would invigorate the fashion-forward women’s footwear market. Soldier developed a Brand Operating System™ inspired by the bleeding edge of contemporary art and design, supporting product that delivered sophistication and technical superiority.

The Brand Platform

Hyper­-connectedness to the contemporary art scene helped Soldier develop an inspired brand operating system supporting product that was every bit as innovative as the casual footwear that made Crocs iconic. Crocs’ contemporary, sophisticated styling and category-­busting construction techniques became the focal point for a complete brand experience evoking an ethos of modern mobility. By partnering with fashion luminary Stefano Furiani, Soldier collaborated on a collection of fashion-­forward footwear for women with attuned eyes for style and lifestyles that transition between work, family, and play seamlessly. Together with Stefano and Crocs, we call it curatorial footwear. We supported the launch with set design, art direction, and collateral infusing the spirit, tone, and color of contemporary art from global hotspots.

"The Curatorial Footwear platform developed through Soldier’s Brandseeking framework inspired the full spectrum of brand expression which helped us secure key distribution." – Sandra Aris, Vice President of Global Design

Set Creation

Modeled after an imaginary post-modern city corner vignette, Soldier delivered effervescent attitudes, color palettes, and form factors highlighting the uniquely fun and flexible sophistication of Stefano Furiani for Crocs with a modern metropolitan vibe.

Place Making

Event, trade, and retail environments reinforce our curatorial approach to the collection, featuring sculptural geometry and taste-­making color palettes. Metropolitan style and functionality extend from footwear to environment.

Print and Digital Collateral

Soldier’s leadership role in the design community gave us license to push the boundaries of color and geometry and replicate the energy found in cosmopolitan gallery spaces. As a wholly considered operating system, our design language translated seamlessly and effectively to print and digital mediums. Footwear remained in focus, supported by the design assets that reinforced our curatorial footwear positioning.

Digital Lookbook

The footwear becomes a curated object of desire on tablets and mobile devices. Supporting assets demonstrate breadth of color and Stefano Furiani for Crocs’ hybrid of sophistication and fun.