Soldier has been knit together with Concepts since 2002. We share their vision on the future of curated retail. Soldier helped Concepts map out a fundamental shift from independent ­retailer thinking to a brand-­savvy approach. The relationship continues to produce incredible creative output.

Collaborative Creation

When Tarek Hassan, President of The Tannery, wanted to exhibit his skills as an adaptive leader and world­class retailer, he decided to test the elasticity of his retailing success. Soldier CEO Bobby Riley stated: “Concepts has depth, a voice and something of purpose to say, beyond the product or service.” And the Concepts name and vision was born. Melding cultures of global fashion, technical sophistication, and street savvy, Tarek and Soldier created a killer retail experience for the most discerning sneaker-heads. Then they exploded the retail model and become a creative hub for genre-­bending collaborations. Retail sales, digital sales and content, and collaborative relationships continue to grow rapidly due to the ongoing attention from Soldier.

"I have worked with Bobby Riley from the beginning of Concepts. As a member of the founding team, I still rely greatly on his design business leadership and partnership to help us continue to build great momentum with the Concepts brand." – Tarek Hassan, Owner at Concepts

Making A Mark

In tune with the highly discerning consumer, no detail is too small for attention, crafting, or precision refinement. Online photography, typography, overall design language, and voice have been carefully considered as it speaks to the Concepts logo itself. The recognizable inter-woven double-C logo represents the infinite and sophisticated nature behind the store name and the eclectic product mix they carry as stockists.

Concepts Online

Concepts seeks to deliver brand connections with its audience all day, everyday. It was imperative to create offer and sale options for the on-the-move consumer with mobile access 24/7 and 365. Soldier set out to create a unique but paralleled experience to the award winning store, where the browsing and the boutique purchase experience could be maintained online. From conceptualization to the development of the e-commerce platform, Soldier delivered a digital retail experience and social sharing platform, which has allowed for continued influence and growth.


What would the most sophisticated shopping experience look like? We set out to make it. Celebrating both product and consumer we created a retail environment that was a destination unto itself, but a destination within which one was sure to walk away with a new prized pair of kicks.

Brand Book

We were basically inventing a model back in the day. We took the elements that we loved from skateboarding and street culture and instead of appropriating them, evolved them to reflect where we were in our lives today. The Concepts DNA was spelled out and personified in the brand book.