Founded in a small warehouse in Toronto, Canada over fifty years ago, Canada Goose is emerging as a powerful technical and lifestyle brand for the world’s coldest places. Since early 2010, Soldier has helped amplify the spirit of the Canada Goose brand and tell powerful product stories, fueling incredible growth.


The history to how the company came to be Canada Goose, Inc is a fascinating one. In the early 50's the company was Metro Sports Ltd, later to be named Snow Goose, and ultimately Canada Goose. The Arctic Disk was created in the 90's, but has since experienced changes and natural variations over the years of growth.

Soldier was asked to take the logo under a microscope to be crafted and restored to its integrity. After a host of application studies, we developed a set of standards the company could continue to use with integrity and consistency in printed, digital, and physical ways.

"We worked with Bobby and his team at an important stage of building out our brand story. From product development to showroom design, imagery and tradeshow environments, their creativity fueled a fresh and exciting way to express the brand, while staying true to our core." – Dani Reiss, President & CEO, Canada Goose


The mantra for photographic art direction was “comfort in extreme conditions.” We wanted to encourage people to get out there all winter long, and maximize their experiences with the right apparel.


The focus of our campaign became the people that maximize their time outdoors, even in deep cold. We call them Goose People. By focusing on their stories and their aspirational winter activities, we inspire consumers to face the elements with the right apparel.

Goose People Timeline

With an anthropological spirit, Soldier worked closely with brand owner Dani and his marketing team to build a narrative that would venerate their past and reflect a clear through line to future success modern day tone of voice and imaging.