Intern Reflections from Liz Miller

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We had a Social Media Intern this summer, Liz Miller a rising senior at St. Lawrence University and a native Vermonter – so we interviewed her about her summer experience with Soldier.

How did you find out about Soldier?

I learned about Soldier through Denise, the President of the Harvard Square Business Association. I was connected with her through a family friend and she told me about Soldier Design thinking it might be a good fit for me and introduced me to Bobby.

You are from Vermont and go to school in upstate New York, what led you to Cambridge and what about being in Boston was most exciting for you?

Both of my parents started out in Boston, and met here, so this city has been a big part of my life ever since I can remember. When I went looking for summer internships I knew I wanted to be in the Boston area and somehow I ended up in Cambridge. Being in a city inspires me so much and getting to be semi-anonymous is kind of new but exciting for me too.

Where do you get your morning brew?

I used be loyal to Dunkin, but now I’m a Peet’s convert. It’s near the commuter rail station and the people are so nice, it’s just really good coffee and they have a rewards app which is fun! I’m going to miss all of these caffeine choices though…

You have kind of a long commute, what do you like and or dislike about your train ride into work each morning?

I love being able to read, I’ve read a ton of books this summer because of my time on the train. I don’t like how busy my train has been in the morning, I acclimate better to the day when I can relax a bit on my way into the city.

What’s your favorite part about working in Cambridge and/or Harvard Square?

I like that it’s almost a mini Boston, obviously there are differences between the two, but since I’m not used to being in a city I like that I’m starting out in a smaller version. It’s also such a cool place to be, it has a vibe different than Boston that I wouldn’t have gotten to experience if I wasn’t at Soldier.

If you could teleport right now where would you go?

Probably anywhere with water, if I could swim every day I’d be happy.

What has been your favorite part of working at Soldier, what’s been your favorite project?

I like that Soldier is a small group, I’ve gotten to know everyone in the studio even if I haven’t directly worked with them. I also love just being around creative people all day long, I think it brings out my creativity more, I have a hard time not thinking about design or branding once I leave the office now.

My favorite project has probably been helping re-launch Soldier’s social media. I’ve essentially worked on the project from start to finish which is pretty rare, and I’ve been given a lot of responsibility with it, which is daunting but really exciting for me!

If you had to co-host a dinner party with anyone in the office who would it be and what would be the theme?
Probably Allison and Jen (sorry guys of Soldier) because I know they’re both organized, yet also fun humans. The theme would be Salsa, we would have a ton of different kinds of salsa and also Salsa dance to Salsa music.