Design for Dining- An Artful Collaboration

BonaPita 3

Design Museum Boston kicked off an interactive experience featuring seven restaurant collaborations for Summer 2015. Soldier was paired up with Bonapita to collaborate in the design of a unique table vignette that would be displayed within the restaurant itself.

This challenge highlights the power that design holds within one of today’s highest grossing industries. Soldier worked directly with Bonapita to bring to you a curated innovation of the Bonapita / Soldier vision into a custom vignette that would spark conversation and re-imagine the way people interact with fast casual dining in unique brand building ways.

Like any design process at Soldier we begin with research. We experienced the space, food, and conversed with Bonapita’s owner Ilan Barniv to get inspired and hear about the development and meaning behind the creation of Bonapita. Along with larger socio-economic trends around fast casual dining and most importantly the consumers who enjoy the Bonapita offering on the day to day.

A message-driving moodboard is used to generate a look and feel through found imagery and language to express an overall vibe and establish a voice. Incorporating the Mediterranean communal lifestyle in a modern setting, we tied in elements of natural wood, tile work and leather in contrast to the bold concrete and metal. Calm and welcoming. Enhancing and celebrating the existing architecture in a modern lens.

BonaPita 1

In order to remain true to Ilan’s expansion plan and the building of the Bonapita brand we chose to re-imagine the entire Bonapita space initially in order to capture the essence and operating perspective we would need moving forward. This zooming out and going wide view of where Bonapita could go helped to guide us in dialing into the making of a vignetted space & potential future growth opportunities.

At Soldier we have a product we deliver called a Brand Operating System® which affords us the ability to narrow down and focus on a business scope direction for Bonapita. We thus created a holistic experience to help drive Cookies & Tea as a business with a unique message, expression, experience and building community. Soldier created a strategy and system for the naming and identity, tone and texture, architecture, lighting, seating and product packaging as a means to further develop the Bonapita brand experience towards growth.

BonaPita Table  4

Tea is traditionally a customary beverage that many within the Mediterranean culture share as a form of welcome and hospitality. Thus Cookies & Tea was born, not only as a welcome to Bonapita, but also as a break for yourself within your busy day. By generating this desired experience for Cookies & Tea we hope to bring about growth to form a community or following. Also the purchasing of Bonapita Cookies & Tea was meant to extend this experience and share with your family and friends at home. Looking to the future one day having Cookies & Tea as an offering from Bonapita in supermarkets and specialty stores near you.

BonaPita 2

Soldier worked with trusted build partners to execute on the design and experience intents. The process was collaborative and exciting. We’re very proud to bring to you our take on a unique Cookies & Tea experience through this seating vignette for Bonapita.



A very special thank you to everyone who helped in the development and implementation of our design for dining vignette. We couldn’t have done it without you!


Check out the booth in person at Bonapita through November, 2015!

49 Franklin Street

Boston, MA 02110