Soldier partnered with Crocs to deliver a new brand of footwear that meets at the intersection of modern and contemporary art with accessible footwear fashion. Designed by Stefano Furiani, from Italy, this Curatorial Footwear combines elegance, comfort, and style to make a bold shoe for the ambitious and creative enthusiast.

Soldier considers modern and contemporary art as a driving inspiration for the fashion community. We collaborated with Crocs to create an engaging brand plan and the tools to engage with a growing market of women that love modern art expression and the fashion that comes from it.  We called the building visual direction Prismatic Playvation to complement Furiani’s bold and artful designs. These shoes are for women who crave cultural events and are consistently mobile, creating the need for comfort and fashion formed together. Style and comfort is of utmost importance to Crocs and their new injection molded technologies make it possible with the highly fashionable Curatorial Footwear line. Since launched at the FFANY show in New York this spring, the collection has been making a global impact with discerning retailers worldwide.

Our story with Crocs is just getting started so keep following us for updates on new projects based around this line!