Located in one of the most diverse and driven innovation centers of the world, our neighborhood is home to some of the most successful brand startups in the last decade. The name Soldier comes from the strategic and tactical ways in which we choose to serve our clients. Over the last decade Soldier has influenced the place where product, design, and communication converge. We work with world class brands to achieve game-changing results.

Strategically: Soldier brings to bear a cross-functional team of founders, engineers, researchers and designers deeply schooled in digital, social, and retail culture. We align brand message, expression, experience and community to exceed audience expectations.

Tactically: Soldier assists ambitious leaders in growing their brands. We optimize performance, style, technology, and personality to meet the needs of highly discerning consumers across all consumer touch points, including digital, social, traditional advertising, retail, event and branded experiences.

“It’s all about the work and how truly great work expresses brand values, a necessity for building meaningful brand culture and thriving brand community. Our process is a no-nonsense, muscular business strategy that we live and breath.” – Bobby Riley, CEO

Truly great work expresses brand values.



We believe that people align with brands not just for what they do or make, but why they do it. Motive is crucial. Brand building at its core is about authentically articulating deeply held beliefs to like minded community. Brands are not sets of design deliverables, but unique patterns of language reinforcing shared beliefs. Successful brands eliminate dissonance and deliver pure messages across all channels including, product creation, social strategies, digital communication, and retail expression. Brand cohesiveness empowers people to engage and evangelize. The goal of strengthening brand community guides all the work that we do. This is why Soldier is in the brand game!

“Riley and his team worked tirelessly to produce an impactful and engaging campaign for our third generation helmet. It was a successful go-to-market plan packed with a salient strategy, ingenious naming, language, epic visuals and a booming broadcast commercial.  Affording Xenith the ability to become an official supplier of helmets to the NFL. “– Jack Seitz, Vice President, Marketing & Brand Development at Xentih

Brand cohesiveness empowers people to engage and evangelize.



Soldier embeds with internal brand teams. We find total alignment and forge deeply collaborative relationships. With our brand team partners and ambitious thought leaders, we generate game-changing strategies and execute tactics to create, curate, and communicate dynamic brand content. Our Brandseeking® strategic framework explores ethnography, purpose, storyline, value proposition, and overall ethos. From there we deliver our Narravation Guide™.  It’s a salient process-driven, highly visual infographic that guides and translates strategy into action in areas including business models, brand architecture, internal brand plans, and brand communications.

“It was great to work with Soldier to create a sound go to market strategy for an emerging women’s category for Crocs.  The Curatorial Footwear platform developed through their Brandseeking framework, inspired the full spectrum of product message creation, designer involvement, and brand expression as they delivered on the complete visual campaign, which helped us secure key distribution with respected partnering retailers.” – Sandra Aris, Vice President of Global Design at Crocs 


We generate game-changing strategies and execute tactics to create, curate, and communicate dynamic brand content.



Brand Operating Systems™

We deliver cohesive Brand Operating Systems™ to drive enduring consumer experiences and build brand community. As complexity infiltrates our society and instant communication drives the pace of our daily lives, Soldier believes that brand cohesiveness is more important than ever and more difficult to maintain. Soldier’s expertise in total experience creation, institutionalizes an integrated system of experiences that maintains brand cohesiveness over time. So whether preforming a re-branding initiative, product differentiation story, or digital campaign, Soldier creates elegant and scalable outcomes with our Brand Operating System approach.

“We worked with Bobby and his team at an important stage of building out our brand story. From product development to showroom design, imagery and tradeshow environments, their creativity fueled a fresh and exciting way to express the brand, while staying true to our core.”  – Dani Reiss, President & CEO, Canada Goose


Soldier’s expertise in total experience creation, institutionalizes an integrated system of experiences that maintains brand cohesiveness over time.